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Our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions. Across a spectrum of industries, we have empowered businesses with bespoke web and mobile applications tailored to their unique operational needs. Journey through our accomplished projects to witness the innovation and quality we bring to every endeavor.

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Delve into a diverse range of projects we've meticulously crafted for our clients, each narrating a story of challenges met, solutions forged, and success achieved. Our portfolio is a window into the innovative and client-centric digital solutions we provide, driving tangible results across various industries. Explore our work, and envision the potential we can unlock together for your digital venture.

Web Applications

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Verification platform

The verification platform is developed to enable KYC/KYB validation in Armenia. Here, we use AI to validate user facial expressions. Also, with sumsub, we do continuous validation of users.

The system was developed to use multiple languages so users can verify their KYC / KYB with multiple languages.

Used Technologies: NextJs, React, Laravel

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LGH Japan Auction
Top & Premium Vehicle Auction Platform in Japan
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SeaBiza Boat

Seabiza is an excellent boat traveling agency based in Europe. This team provides an excellent service to their customers.

We developed the SeaBiza platform to help them to increase their board riding sales. It's a multilingual driving platform, and visitors can use it with their most likes. Visiters can check the boat rides and inquiry about the one they mostly like.

Used Technologies: NextJsLaravel

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Delifina Food Exporters
Business website for food exporters company.

Mobile Applications

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LGH Auction
LGH Mobile App lets you purchase a car in seconds

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