21 Best Niches for Blogging in 2023

21 Best Niches for Blogging in 2023

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What are the blogging Niches?

Niches are specific categories that your blog's content will fit. Like 

"Sport Shoos," "Coding mechanisms." Many types of blogs across all niches are monetized in various ways. You'll find that many bloggers secure multiple income streams by utilizing more than a few blog monetization ideas.

So, Let's go to the Topic.


The winning 25 Niches.


01 Cooking With Kids.

Parents are often looking for fun activities to do with their children. A blog offering tips on engaging kids in the art of cooking is a sure hit. Defiantly, you will have many visitors from the US for this Niche.


02 Budget shopping

The entire world is suffering from an economic crisis now. So, Guide your fellow consumers on their quest to save money at the store. You could cover just one type of shopping like groceries or cast a wider net and cover budget guides for all consumer goods. 


03 Saving for college

You can help guide people in pursuing college savings with a blog dedicated to the subject. Offer schedules and savings plans with absolute dollar amounts and projections. 


04 Skincare

As with makeup, skincare blogs tend to do well. Offer general skincare advice and product recommendations with affiliate links for the best effect. 


05 Parenting tips

Sometimes, parents need a little guidance to get through the day, and a blog with parenting tips for various situations fits the bill. 


06 Child Development

 If you have expertise in this area, a child development blog is a great way to carve out a space for yourself. 


07 Focused content for Mom. 

Speaking directly to the mom crowd gets a lot of traction, especially if you're speaking from experience.


08 Focused content for Dad

 This is an underserved market. Dad blogs offer plenty of monetization options and an alternative perspective. 


09 LGBTQ+ parenting

This is also an underserved market. Those in the LGBTQ+ community face many of the same but also different challenges that deserve to be discussed. This will be a great idea to start your blog.


10 Travel for work

After the covid, the world is changing to a remote-based working mechanism, So this is a great time to start a blog by providing better places and tips for work and travel.


11 Budget/minimalist travel

If you're not fond of packing a ton of suitcases, offering tips for packing light (without missing out) will resonate because the entire world is facing economic issues.


12 Travel-related product reviews

This will help you to get an income in multiple ways.

  • From ads
  • From product owners
  • By affiliating

Guide readers on what products are helpful for travel and which are better to skip. 


13 Tips for K-12 Educators

If you're a current or former teacher, a blog centered around tips for specific grade levels is always helpful. 


14 Study tips for K-12 students

Students (and their parents) looking for ways to improve their studies will find a blog filled with helpful study tips. 


15 School-life balance for college students

You could even create a blog that helps college kids navigate a social life alongside their studies. 


16 Healthy eating

This is an excellent topic ever. The everyday person is looking for new methods to eat healthily. So eating right and eating well are always topics of interest. This is also a great idea to start as a new blog.


17 Health/fitness tips for those with a specific medical issue

If you have expertise in living with a particular medical condition, your health and fitness advice will bear more weight. 


18 Mental health

Support, resources, and tips in this Niche often do well. Because all guys need better mental health in the current situation of the world,


19 TV or movie recap/review

Give people a rundown on what happened in last night's episode, or write reviews if you possess some media literacy. We saw lots of guys looking for a review after watching a movie.


20 Actor or musician fan communities

Fan community blogs can do well, especially if you take an under-served angle.


21 Consumer mobile tech reviews

Consumer tech can be pricey, so letting people vicariously try before they buy can be helpful. 



01 How do I decide on my niche blog idea? 

Consider your interests, life experiences, and expertise before settling on a niche.


02 What do I do after choosing a profitable niche?

After selecting a niche, it's time to research all the sites in your Niche and determine their monetization strategy. Research their keywords and links. Then, it's time to develop some topic ideas, consider potential blog names, and secure web hosting and a domain name. 


03 How do I find trending and popular blog niches? 

You can find trending blog niches using Google Trends or Exploding Topics. SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs can help you discover low-competitive keywords with commercial intent. Those keywords are usually newer trends because the competition has not set in yet.


04 How do I develop a blog for my Niche

There are plenty of web developers in the world who develop web applications. But you have to find a better company that provides excellent SEO service. In this case, Axcertro is a perfect choice. They provide high-speed service with super SEO service for an affordable price. Contact them here.


Okay, Great. We discussed 21 topics that will help you to earn by blogging in 2023. I hope you will get great help with that. 




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