11 unique ideas for starting an android app business in 2023

Over 71.55% of smartphones use Android OS as the mobile operating system in the world now (According to "Statcounter.Com" in September 2022). Additionally, android OS allows anyone to develop customized android apps to interact with their customers/students/followers 24/7 through android apps. Great and successful online business ideas we can create using android apps. Axcertro compiles the best android projects for entrepreneurs and app ideas to start your online business.


In 2023, mobile apps will be a fundamental need for businesses. So we need to prepare for that. But before preparing, we need to find unique and top app ideas to start our mobile application. After conducting market research and analyzing the industry trends and revenue generation, We found 11 leading mobile app ideas to help you to create your mobile app business.

We know, That searching for top app ideas to kickstart your new business to quite challenging. If you are thinking about launching a new startup or mobile app development could be one of the best choices to keep in mind. No surprise that startups and entrepreneurs are eager to jump on the bandwagon because mobile app development plays an integral role in our lives today.


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We first need to have a unique idea to launch a mobile app. We don't recommend developing the same app we will mention below. It would be best if you thought about unique variations. 

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Here, we've compiled a list of the top 11+ mobile app development ideas. It will spark your entrepreneurial spirit and prepare you to start your mobile startup venture in 2023! 


01 On-demand Money Lending App

With the on-demand money lending app, you can get a loan within minutes without going through a bank or other traditional lending institution. The app will connect you with lenders willing to give you a loan based on your credit score and other factors.

You can then use the app to manage your loan, make payments, and keep track of your balance. It is an excellent option for those who need money quickly and doesn't want to go through the hassle of dealing with a bank. 

Whether you are a financial startup or bank, this could be one of the best startup app ideas to make money. 


02 On-Demand Food Delivery App

Considering launching a mobile app development startup in 2023, It's the best option to start an on-demand food delivery app. The rise of delivery services and the popularity of apps like Uber Eats, pick me, and DoorDash in the food industry have opened doors for better opportunities. That's where there's a growing demand for this type of service. 

Plus. You can also choose to hire an app developer who can help people get the food they need at their doorsteps. 

Here's what you'll need to do to get started. Decide if you want to offer all types of foods or specialize in one (i.e., pizza, burgers). 

  • Find vendors who are willing to deliver your type of food 
  • Build a platform that can handle orders and deliveries seamlessly 
  • Figure out how much each order will cost 
  • Create marketing materials (i.e., flyers, posters, youtube videos) so customers know how to order from your app


03 Fitness Mobile App

An android fitness app is a great way to help people get in shape and stay healthy. We know there are some other apps also, but this is a great idea to get a considerable market share in 2023. There are several different features that you can include in your app, such as: 

  • a) A calorie tracker helps users track their daily intake.
  • b) A workout planner that helps users plan and schedule their workouts.
  • c) A goal-setting feature allows users to set and track their fitness goals.
  • d) A progress tracker that helps users track their progress over time.
  • e) Give the ability to connect their treadmill and sync data.

If you're looking for a mobile app development idea to help people lead healthier lives, a fitness app is a perfect option. You can hire an Android app developer to integrate the latest features and make it stand out from the crowd.


04 On-Demand E-Learning Mobile App

Well, We know you're looking for a mobile app development idea that will be big in 2023. Look no further than on-demand e-learning. The demand for online learning has exploded in recent years. There's no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. 

Consequently, this is one of the best mobile app development ideas to invest your time in as we move into the future. Online courses are a great way to reach new customers interested in your lessons. It is a great way to build a mobile app if you are a teacher or can contact some teachers or mentors. You can offer them to pick the latest study material as per their requirement. 


05 On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Do you commute to work? Or maybe you have a long commute and are always running on empty?

 Imagine a fuel delivery app that would bring gasoline to your car. You could schedule regular deliveries, so you never have to worry about filling up again. 

With the average American spending around $2,500 per year on gas, this idea is bound to catch on quickly. The best part is that drivers only pay for what they use, which means there's no wasted money. 


06 On-Demand Salon Management App

On-demand salon management apps help streamline the process of managing salons, from booking appointments to working client data. 

So, If you're in the beauty business, a mobile app that helps manage salons could be a game-changer. 

In addition, with features like GPS tracking, you can ensure that your clients always have the best experience possible. A great mobile app can make all the difference in a competitive market.

You can hire a developer to build a saloon app quickly even if you need Android and ios. You can hire our developer to do it quickly.


07 On-Demand Medical Consultation App

We saw the corona, Ebola, Dengi, and many, many health issues in the world. So this is the best time to develop the app and prepare the world to use your app for future health issues.

Many people go to the doctor because they can't get an appointment that suits their schedule. And even when they do, the arrangements are often brief and leave patients with more questions than answers. 

An on-demand medical consultation app would be incredibly convenient and helpful for people. Doctors could offer consultations via video chat or even just a phone call, and patients could book appointments at their convenience. It would be an excellent way for startups to provide a valuable service while making money.


08 On-Demand Grocery Delivery App in 10 Mins

We know every man and woman is busier these days.

Want to get your groceries delivered without having to leave your house? There's an app for that! On-Demand Grocery Delivery is a great way to get your food without waiting in line or carrying it home yourself. 

It is one of the unique app ideas that can help you add an edge to your grocery delivery business!

In addition, you can choose from various stores and restaurants, so you're sure to find what you're looking for. Here's how to get started.

  • a) Choose the type of store you want to use (e.g., grocery store) 
  • b) Choose the kind of items you want (e.g., bread, milk, cheese) 
  • c) Browse through the selection and add anything that interests you 
  • d) Choose whether or not you want delivery now or later (within 10 minutes!) 
  • e) Press Order Now 
  • f) Enter your credit card information for payment


09 On-Demand Tutor Booking App

This app would connect students with tutors in their area for one-on-one or group sessions. It would allow users to browse a list of available tutors, view profiles, read reviews, and book appointments.

The app would also keep track of upcoming appointments and provide reminders. Tutors could use the app to manage their schedules and earnings, while students could use it to monitor their progress. Also, you can give the ability to create courses to the tutor. Then they can sell their studies and earn money.


10 Food Donation App

The world is facing such a crisis these days. In some countries, people face significant issues with food. It is a great way to help them.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, there is a growing need for apps connecting people with the services they need. A food donation app would be a great way to connect people with excess food with those in need. You can hire a Sri Lankan software developer to create a food donation app. 

Such an app could allow users to donate food to local shelters, food banks, or needy individuals. The app could also provide information on where to find the nearest food bank or shelter.


11  Female Security App

Mothers, Wifes, Sisters, and simply girls are essential things in our life. We need to protect them always. From the beginning of the world, girls are prepared to take care of children and manage the home until man hunting and taking food into the house. So they don't have much experience exploring outside their home. It is fundamental to the world.

That's why We came up with one of the top startup app ideas of creating a women's security app. This app would allow women to share their location with trusted contacts, set up safety check-ins, and more. 

It would have a panic button that would immediately alert the police or other emergency services. I think this app could be beneficial for women all over the world. It would be one of the best app ideas to launch in 2023!


Bonus Idea: Online Real-Estate Buying and Selling App

With the recent pandemic, there has been a surge in people buying and selling homes online. It has created a need for an online real-estate buying and selling app. Such an app would allow users to list their homes for sale and browse listings from the comfort of their own homes.

All you need to do is to make sure to create it for Android, iOS, and web platforms. And the simple way is to hire a team to create an app for multiple devices. 

The app would also provide users with information on home prices, schools, crime rates, and other essential factors to consider when buying or selling a home.



Since you were looking for the best android app development ideas for a startup to launch in 2023, I think this post helped you with 11+ brilliant ideas.

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No matter your area of interest or expertise, there's sure to be an app development idea on this list that's perfect for you. Let's get started!

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